Website content management system

Webpression is a complete, extensible, web content management solution. By providing web based administration, no special software needs to be installed on individual PCs, and an organisation with geographically distributed users can easily give all these users the ability to contribute to their web site. The list of features below is being added to constantly as Webpression is under constant development



Small footprint. Leaves more space on your server for content. Works even with small hosting plans.
WYSIWYG editor for web pages Edit web pages easily the same way you would use a word processor.
Web based file management for images, documents, and multimedia Easily organise files associated with web site.
HTML Template system. Web designers can create standard HTML files with a few special tags which can be uploaded into Webpression to create site wide consistency.
Support for web standards Better cross-browser support, fast page loading.
Flexible user and group management. Give users access to just the features they need.
Built in CSS editor

Easily provide consistent formatting accross a site without requiring third party tools.

Separate content from design, resulting in faster page load times.

Support for creation of multiple sub-sites Easily create departmental web sites, alternative versions of a site to support multiple languages.
Modular system. Although small, Webpression is built on a modular base which easily allows additional functionality to be added as required. Easy to create third party modules to extend Webpression's functionality.
Compiled code.

Sites run faster and create less server load.

An incentive for developers to create third party modules, as their investment is better protected against unauthorised copying.

Practical licensing

Give web site editing capabilities to everyone in your organisation through one simple license. No need to worry about per user licensing.

Install on your own server and have full control over your environment.

License allows access to source code for internal use, or by a developer.

Automatically generated sitemaps Help search engines index your site.
RSS Feeds Provide feeds to other site and allow visitors to subscribe.
Automated Twitter update option Provide real time notifications of updates to your site.
Google Maps option Easily incorporate geographical data and embed interactive maps in your site.

Who is it for?

Webpression is designed primarily for small businesses and community organisations who need to maintain a web site with between 10-1000 pages of content. In theory, there's no limit to the number of documents Webpression can handle (in fact there is a limit, but it's over a billion!), however the niche where Webpression will appeal the most is in this size range.

Webpression is commercially supported. It's not guaranteed to be 100% bug free, but if you have a problem, you can contact the developer directly, and bug fixes and feature improvements do get attended to. If you get stuck, there is help available.