Webpression Editors Guide

The Webpression users guide is intended for users who will maintain web site contend on a day to day basis with Webpression.


You should have good general computer skills including the ability to use email and a web browser and understand simple image manipulation such as cropping and resizing images. You should have suitable image editing software installed on your computer. See appendices for a list of image editing software.

Web Browser Requirements

Webpression is written to be standards compliant as far as possible, so should function with any modern web browser. Unfortunately Internet Explorer has a number of issues with support for web standards, particularly in older versions. If you must use Internet Explorer, if at all possible make sure that you are using version 8.0 or later, as this will ensure that what you see is most likely to be consistent with users of other web browsers. Internet Explorer 6 or older is not supported for editing purposes.

Webpression has been tested most extensively with Mozilla Firefox, and this is the browser used at Create IT for testing and development purposes as this browser is free, and available for most operating systems and in a variety of languages. Webpression has also been tested with recent versions of Opera, Chrome and Safari and should also function with these browsers.

With all web browsers, cookies and Javascript must be enabled. This shouldn't be a problem as most web browsers do have these options enabled by default, as many web sites will have issues if these options are disabled. If Webpression does not seem to be working correctly, refer to your browser's documentation about how to check cookie and javascript settings.