Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is your support fee in Euros instead of New Zealand dollars?

A.  This only applies to support via Skype. Skype provides the facility to charge callers, however it currently doesn't support NZ dollars. The NZ dollar is fairly stable against the Euro, so this helps ensure consistent pricing. 

Q. I don't have Skype/ I don't have Skype credit. How can I get support?

A. You can use the support request form on the site to submit an email support request. This is free to use. If you have a support contract, I can provide you with my Skype details so you can call without incurring an additional charge.

Q. I am having a formatting issue with styles. Can you help?

A. Yes, by all means, but this will cost. This is not a Webpression problem, but a problem associated with making CSS styles behave properly across different web browsers. If you don't have a good understanding of CSS, you should pay a professional to design your styles, and concentrate on using Webpression as a content editor.

Q. I need some functionality that Webpression currently doesn't do. Can you create this? How much will it cost?

A. The answer depends very much on what you need. If the functionality is something that will be useful to other people, I can develop it, and charge you only a license fee. On the other hand, if you need something highly specific, you will need to pay for the full development cost, at my regular hourly rate, or we can negotiate a project price.

Q. I pasted something from Word, and now my web page is all messed up.

A. Word (and other Office programs) are known to make a mess of HTML. In the editor, there is a special button Paste from Word, which you should use, whenever you need to paste text from Word.

Q. How do I use Webpression to create a blog?

A. Webpression is based around the idea of a hierarchy of web pages. Blogs are based around posts organised by date, and often by category as well. To use Webpression as a blog, you need to create a home page that uses a template that automatically lists web pages by creation date, with the latest at the top.  Once you have a template set up for blogging, you simply create web pages as you would normally in Webpression, and your blog page will be maintained automatically.

Q. Why don't you make Webpression free and open source?

A. I'd love to, but the reality is that I have to eat. Webpression represents over five years of ongoing development. In reality the price you pay is a small fraction of what it cost to develop. Many open source projects while 'free', beg for donations. I'm up front about the fact that I need to earn some money. That said, if you can come up with a way I can give Webpression away, and still eat, I'm willing to listen.

Q. What language is Webpression written in?

A. Mivascript.

Q. Why isn't Webpression written in (pick one - PHP, .NET, ASP, PERL, Java)

A. When I started writing Webpression, PHP hosting was hard to come by and expensive. I needed a server scripting language and at the time Mivascript®™ was available, and quite powerful for its time. While the fortunes of the company behind Mivascript have been mixed, the language itself remains effective, and the virtual machine for Mivascript is easily installed on a wide range of servers. Basically it comes down to , "if it isn't broken, don't fix it."