PC Computer Systems

Create IT's primary business is software development however software can only be as reliable as the hardware it runs on. With this in mind, Create IT is able to supply built to order PCs, running either Windows or Linux.

Areas of expertise are small business users, digital media production (ie photo and video editing, desktop publishing)and Linux based systems.

All PCs are supported locally in Marlborough.

Create IT does not aim to compete on price alone, nor are we driven to supply bleeding edge technology simply for the sake of it. Create IT's philosophy is to provide quality equipment with a balance of price and performance best suited for the task at hand.

Create IT's primary focus will always be providing IT services, however we want customers to have dependable equipent, and being able to recommend and sell equipment helps ensure that customers get what is right for the job. 

Linux PCs

Linux is ideally suited for low cost servers where reliability is critical. It also provides a secure platform for people who mainly use a PC for internet access.

Windows Desktop and Notebook PCs

Notebook PCs are an indispensible tool for business. Create IT only sells business models which provide features and performance suitable for business networks, and flexibility in terms of Operating System licensing to choose between Windows Vista Business or XP Professional. Desktop PCs still have their place for heavy duty video and photo editing or even the odd bit of gaming where notebooks simply lack the performance at an acceptable price.