Privacy Policy

Data Collected Directly

In order to operate, the web server that this website is hosted on logs data about site visits including IP address, web browser, operating system, referring page, date and time of visit, page visited, and other non-personally identifiable information that is provided by your web browser.  A session cookie may also be stored. This does not record any personally identifiable information, however can identify your session for functional purposes. This information is stored for server logging and statistical purposes. It will not be shared with third parties unless requested for law enforcement purposes via a legitimate court order under the laws of New Zealand.

Data is stored within New Zealand, however backups of the server may be stored offshore in Australia.

If you fill out a contact form on this website, in addition to data already mentioned, your name and email address may be collected for the purpose of sending email. Your name and email address will not be stored on the website.

If you fill out an image licensing request, you may also be asked for your company or organisation name and website, which may be stored for the purposes of identifying license compliance.

Third Party Data Collection

This website uses Google Analytics to provide statistical analysis of visits to the site and user behaviours. You can read about what data Google collects and how it uses it here.

This website uses Cloudflare to provide security and optimisation, and as a result, Cloudflare may collect information on websites visitors as explained in the Cloudflare privacy policy as defined under the section for End Users.


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