Book and Web publishing

As part of Create IT's website development business, we've been helping people publish content online for nearly two decades. Recently we've also branched out into book publishing.

Web Publishing

In addition to developing the technical aspects of building websites, Create IT can help with the creative aspects of producing content, including developing textual and visual content.

Book Publishing

In 2016, Christopher Cookson, Create IT's owner decided to self-publish a book of poetry and photography about Blenheim's Wither Hills. To keep costs to a minimum, the decision was taken to do everything in house except for printing. This was the start of a process, learning about the technical steps to go from concept to finished product. A great deal of time was spent investigating software, learning about ensuring accurate colour output, producing print-ready files, and working with print firms. As a result, Create IT is now happy to help anyone daunted by the technical aspects of publishing, but keen to get into print. We can help you with the following.

  • Advice
  • Software support
  • Page layout and typesetting
  • Photo preparation for print
  • Liason with printing companies
  • Organise ISBN numbers
  • Online listing of local Marlborough books in Marlborough Online shop


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