Microsoft Access Database Development

Create IT is a software developer with experience developing, maintaining, and migrating Microsoft Access database solutions based in Blenheim, New Zealand.

What is Microsoft Access?

Microsoft Access is a relational database system developed by Microsoft for Windows and included with Most Microsoft 365 subscriptions and Office Professional or higher perpetual licenses. It offers rapid application development with reporting, data entry, and querying tools. It integrates well with the rest of the Office suite, and can access data from a variety of sources. It integrates particularly well with Microsoft SQL Server and SQL Azure Database. 

What is Access good for?

Access on its own is useful for single or limited multi-user databases where tight integration with Office is required, and where development costs are moderate. Access solutions provide much greater data integrity than storing everything in an Excel spreadsheet, however they can still readily export data to Excel for analysis. Access can be a good option for small businesses, particularly sole traders who may spend a lot of time on the road and may not have access to reliable internet connections required for cloud based databases. Access can also be used as a front end to enterprise grade SQL Server or SQL Azure databases, where SQL takes care of data integrity, security, and performance, while Access takes care of data entry and reporting.

When is Access not suitable?

Access only runs on Windows, so if you need database access on Macs, iOS, Android or Linux, it is not suitable as a solution. Acess databases doesn't scale well with multiple concurrent users, and lacks security features, however these issues can be resolved by migrating the back end data to SQL Server or SQL Azure. Another problem that a SQL backend can help resolve is lots of Access databases with critical data scattered around a corporate network with no security or backup strategy.

How can Create IT help with Microsoft Access?

Create IT can help with all issues associated with Access databases.

  • Evaluate whether Access is an appropriate platform for your data.
  • Create data models in Access.
  • Migrate existing data from spreadsheets or other sources to Access.
  • Develop Access applications.
  • Migrate Access data to SQL Server or SQL Azure (or mySQL).
  • Migrate Access applications to ASP.Net web apps.
  • Maintain existing Access applications.

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