Image Licensing

Photographic images created by Christopher Cookson and published on this website Create IT, and any other websites owned by Christopher Cookson are copyrighted, and may not be copied without authorisation.

If you would like use any image with rights owned by Christopher Cookson, please make a request stating your intended use, image size required, and any other relevant information.

Note that commercial use will generally require a fee to be paid before a copyright license will be granted.

Discretion will be used for non-commercial use, however you must demonstrate that you will protect the copyright of any licensed work, and you must also provide evidence that your non-commercial organisation does not have significant sources of revenue, as some 'non-profits' pay staff significant salaries, although the organisation itself may not operate for profit; in such cases, a paid license will generally be required.

Use of an image without an appropriate license constitutes agreement to pay any damages or penalty costs associated with enforcement of copyright.

Image Licensing Enquiry

Please note the prices shown here are indicative only, as Create IT is not a high volume stock photography business, with some images that are highly exclusive and not found on any stock images sites that may therefore command a higher price, however some lower quality or more generic images may be available at a lower price. Completing the form below doesn't commit you to paying for any images, and we'll get back to you with a confirmed price.


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