New Zealand Stock Photography

Create IT owns an extensive image library of digital photographs, which are available for clients to license. As Create IT is based in Marlborough, an extensive collection of Marlborough photos are available, however there are also a large number of images from around the South Island.

License fees vary depending on image resolution and intended use. Some images are not available at all resolutions as they were taken with older, lower resolution cameras. All images are suitable for web use, and most will be available in resolutions and quality suitable for printing at up to A4 size, although some older images may lack detail due to the nature of the camera sensor used. Many of the newer images will print satifactorily at A3 and larger, however since the camera used is not a DSLR the image detail will vary depending on subject matter, so if in doubt, contact Create IT to discuss your requirements.

Stock Photo Pricing (Prices Excluding GST)

Resolution/Aspect Ratio800x600
Royalty Free$50$75$90$120.00$180.00$250.00$300.00
Royalty Free+$75$100$120$160.00$250.00$350.00$450.00


Royalty Free

Licensee has the rights to use the image in any publication created for their organisation or commissioned by them, but image or derivative works may not be resold.

Royalty Free +

Same as royalty free, with the right to resell derivative works (but not the unmodified image on its own) eg templates, stationery, merchandise.


Same as royalty free, but no further licenses to anyone else within same industry as licensee. eg, if licensed by a tourism operator, image will no longer be available to futher tourism operators, but will be available for other industries. If a business covers multiple business categories, two categories can be chosen, beyond that, additional charges will apply.


No further licenses will be granted to any other organisation, may be used for any purpose, but photograph must not be resold except as part of a derivative work, ie you can't put the photo on a stock photo site and earn royalties from it yourself, but you could sell postcards or prints as they are derivative works. *Because of its exclusive nature, exclusive license is for highest resolution original available, eg if original was 4000x2664 you will pay for this even if you only need a smaller image, as the photo can no longer be licensed to other parties. The photographer retains the right to use for private and promotional purposes.


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