Blenheim based Portrait Photography

Portraits are not my main area of photography, but when I get the opportunity, I love creating special images especially of families and children.

Most of these are images of my own daughter, but give some idea of the kind of portraits I like to create. I particularly enjoy creating scenarios that tell some kind of story.

I work with a mix of both natural light and flash depending on the situation. I believe that while natural light can produce great images, there are many opportunities that would simply be lost without the capability to enhance a scene with artificial light. The maternity images included in this portfolio are a good example of this. I was shooting outdoors on a very bright sunny day, and directly in the sun harsh shadows would have spoiled the portraits, but with the subject in the shadows with artificial light I was able to create beautiful soft light that brought out her features.

I don't have weddings on my list, as they're a fast moving, once in a lifetime event, and I simply don't feel confident enough to be able to capture every precious moment under pressure, however I'd be happy to work together with another photographer, as with two working together there is much less chance of missing those precious moments.


Warrior Princess of Narnia

Waiting for the train

Nativity scene



Red Riding Hood

Not your average selfie

This last image actually is a selfie, but it was carefully composed and edited to create the impression of rustic rural romance.


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