Warranty Support

Listed below are some of the major brands that CreateIT sells, with warranty contact information. If a brand is not listed, and you have a warranty problem you should contact CreateIT. In the event that you need to have data backed up prior to sending equipment away for servicing, CreateIT can do this for you, however you will be charged at normal rates, as backup is your responsibility.


Philips Monitors

Warranty period 3 years.

Contact Philips  on 0800 657 447 (Have Serial number on back of monitor available when you call.)

Hewlett Packard

HP Printers/Scanners

Warranty Period varies, generally 1 year.

Contact HP direct on (0800) 441-147

HP/Compaq Presario (laptops)

Warranty generally 1 year

 Contact HP direct on (0800) 113-694


Digital Cameras

Warranty is typically 1 year.

Call Kodak direct on  0800 500 135